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• ประกันกลุ่ม: ประกันชีวิต, อุบัติเหตุ และสุขภาพ
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Treasury Investments and Repo Trader


  • Analyse and forecast bond yield curve movement using data from the markets in Thailand and foreign countries.
  • Participate in  competitive bidding with Bank of Thailand (primary market)
  • Execute buy and sell order for government bond in secondary market to maximise profits.
  • Analyse investment strategies with mixed holding periods and monitor portfolio risks and limits.
  • Handle day-to-day activities in relation to Treasury products i.e., Money Market, Bond issuance, Repo.
  • Research economic trends, regulatory issues, credit market updates and investment opportunities in order to provide management with meaning ful recommendations on treasury initiatives.


  • Bachelor's degree or higher in Business Administration, Finance and Banking, or related fields.
  • At least 2 years of working experience.
  • Obtaining bond trader license is a plus.